Going Once, Going Twice… SOLD!

::The Home Front::
So our house is under contract yet again, we are supposed to close on the 21st of this month. I beg you all for prayer that this time the sale would be finalized and my wife and I can be freed from this burden. It has consumed us and been a point of tension since we moved to South Carolina. I thank God that we have made it this far while still being bound to it and thank Him for the relief that is to come.

::The Church Front::
Tonight at church we had our largest crowd ever for a Wed. night student Bible study (29 students & 3 adults). It’s amazing to me when God works among his people. Students came who have never attended before. I was actually a bit nervous when I went in front of the room to teach.

I shared a bit about obstacles that keep us from making a commitment for Christ basing it on Matt. 19:16-26 where Jesus is talking about the rich young ruler and how he could not give up his possessions to follow Christ. I shared with the students about an obstacle I faced when I was in the 6th grade that really turned me off from God, the church, and everything religious. It was the time when a Minister of Music at a church in Michigan made a pass at me, he felt my leg up and talked to me about how he helped other boys. He never got farther then that, thank God, but I know there are boys out there who where not so lucky. This was the biggest obstacle in my life when it came to God. See I thought that was how God was and I wanted nothing to do with Him.

This is something I rarely share and I hope the students could see my transparency, my authenticity.

I thank God for each one he sent to us tonight.

~ by Dan Browne on November 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Going Once, Going Twice… SOLD!”

  1. Good news on the house. I do pray that things will finalize this time.

  2. Does this mean my offer of $1,000 isn’t being considered anymore?

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