Think On This

I read these words tonight.

“Being rejected for who you are is so much better than being accepted for who you aren’t.”

When you spend your time working with people, you sit back and wonder if they are real, if your viewing authenticity within them or just another mask. Does this person truly believe what they are saying, doing, living, etc… or is it an act? Are they just another person playing a part on the stage of life?

I have to agree with the writer, I would rather be rejected for being authentic. Rejected for not living a lie, for not putting on a mask.

I think we all fall to the mask, we fall to the fear of rejection in our lives. We desire to be accepted for who we are but live as who we are not in hopes of acceptance. Are we as humans truly that fearful? As Christians? As atheists? As whatever you claim that you are? Are you afraid of rejection and so live wearing a mask?

Have you ever been accepted for who you are not?
I have.


~ by Dan Browne on October 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “Think On This”

  1. well crap! I’ll have to return my superman costume now that I’ll feel bad about my inner self not being true. thanks alot Dan…partypooper…see if i save you from a burning building!

  2. So true, Dan. I’ve found myself wearing a mask at times. It’s not a good way to live. Being real and open frees us up to bond with people who may love us and encourage us in return. Thanks for your reminder. I needed that.

  3. that saying is so true. When you lie about who you are just to fit in or for someone to like you, you start to hate yourself.

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