Top 10 Things that Drive Me Crazy!

10. Top 10 lists.

9. People who drive excessively slow in the ultra fast lane.

8. The saying “That’s not fair…”

7. Cats.

6. That annoying ringing in my ears.

5. Never catching anything when I go fishing.

4. People chewing hard candy.

3. Chewing sounds in general.

2. Well done steak.


~ by Dan Browne on October 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “Top 10 Things that Drive Me Crazy!”

  1. i’m sorry lucy drove you crazy that one night

  2. And…people who promise ten points but only give nine!

  3. Your the first to catch it!

  4. yes, chewing sounds are gross, but cats are cool!

  5. How about the top 10 things you love

  6. I can’t think of 10 things I love.


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