WHY America Hates the Church

I was over on Relevant a few minutes ago and read the article “Why America Hates the Church (And what we can do about it)” and had to sit back and think. Why does America hate the church?

“One of the big surprises for us was how negative many young churchgoers actually feel about Christianity in the present-day context.”

Sure we think, well America doesn’t really hate the church… or does it? Are we as the 20 something generation looking ahead to the next 10 to 20 years or are we focused on now? Should we have a vision for both? What are we doing as individuals and as churches to change the worlds view of the church?


~ by Dan Browne on October 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “WHY America Hates the Church”

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  2. I’ve talked to you before on how almost all new church plants are saying they are going to be relevant to the younger crowds. I’m already noticing in some plants down here that because they got so caught up in focusing on the new culture that they drove out the members that were already there…the bill paying members…churches need to be preaching, singing, reaching with the truth…to all ages, races, and social status. I hate churches that cater to certain groups or ages or music types because that’s not a church…it’s a social club! God won’t honor it in my opinion but Satan will!

  3. I’m not saying that we should be focused on the younger generation and forget the rest, we need a balance. I’m just saying that the church really needs to approach everything from a different perspective. Did you read the article?

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