Time to Rest

“In this culture we often feel guilty for taking time to rest. Downtime seems inefficient, unproductive, and useless. We tend to perceive ministry and the Christian life as a series of outward activities. We dismiss warnings from author and Episcopal priest Morton Kelsey that an efficiently busy life is “more potentially destructive of spiritual growth than debauchery or alcohol or hard drugs.”

::Mark Yaconelli, Contemplative Youth Ministry::

How often do we as pastors/youth ministers/workers/volunteers feel that in a moment of rest we are “inefficient, unproductive, and useless?” I look back on this week and have felt that way. I felt that I did not accomplish anything on Tuesday even though I spend time with a family in the hospital. I left feeling unproductive and was reminded that I was not. As pastors we can be consumed by the daily routine of working on our messages, or blogs, studying, or whatever distracts us from actual “ministry.” These are the outward activities, the concerts, football games, etc…

I thank God that he reminded me more then once this week to take time to rest (even though I did it briefly). I pray that God would remind me and you as well that in those times of rest we are efficient, productive, and useful. May we seek God in the stillness, in the quiet hours we find solitude. Instead of go, go, go…


~ by Dan Browne on October 20, 2007.

One Response to “Time to Rest”

  1. thanks for the shout out on my blog http://www.desertthirst.wordpress
    I’m throwing you on my google reader for good measure.

    This post especially speaks to me because I’m 6 months into ministry (20 years old) and engaged to be married in 6 1/2 months. I’ve already become frustrated with this mentality of ‘program after program’, ‘thing after thing’, ‘sermon after sermon’… and then when legitimate times of rest come our way we feel guilty aout resting. ugh. ministry.

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