Halo and church

I read an article on Think Christian about using video games as a form of outreach within the church. The specific game they where looking at is Halo 3, but there are many others. Mind you Halo 3 has received a “M” rating. I’ll leave you with my comment to the post and see what you think.

Should we bring Halo into the church? Is it outreach? Well… I guess you could say it is. Then you look at the “M” rating and the fact that the teenagers in your group range from 12-17. “M” means they have to be 17 (or should be) to buy it. Not a big part of the age spectrum is it? Sure their parents are buying it for them; that’s life. We are called to obey the law of man when it does not conflict with the law of God. Same thing for underage drinking/smoking/driving etc… As a church we are breaking the law by allowing underage students to play the games on our campuses just because it’s cool & we call it outreach. What’s the message we are sending? Before someone jumps on me let me add that I am a gamer. I play or have played CoD, UT2004, WoW, & many others. I have been a member of various guilds and clans including TeamG5 & Eternity (WoW). I am also a Student Pastor in SC.I can’t tell my students not to play it, I can’t tell their parents not to buy it, heck I would play it, but again I come back to the age law and I don’t own an XBox360. I think we as a church and dare I say parents can and should use games as an outreach, but lets stick to those with ratings that are age appropriate (sadly they are few and far between especially when it comes to the FPS genre). Give me a bunch of 17+ year olds’ and I’ll be more then glad to play some Halo! When it boils down to it, it’s what works for you in your demographic. If you are actually leading teens to Jesus in our day and time, when many are walking away through Halo, Frag on! I do think it’s different then paintball. Paintball can hurt.


~ by Dan Browne on October 9, 2007.

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