Finding a Balance

Tonight was the start of a good conversation after our Refuge Student service.

How can we as Student Pastors/Volunteers etc… Balance teaching about salvation and at the same time disciple those students that already know Jesus in such a way that both grow in their understanding of who Christ is?

This is far from a simple question, but one I am trying to grasp and wrestle with. To the blogging world I pose the question. How would you handle it and why?

On another note we had a community wide 5th quarter this past Friday night. It went off quite well, the students enjoyed pizza, drink, games, an excellent time of worship, and a great message. We brought in Jared Knight from Union, SC to lead the music. If you need someone he did an amazing job, he is also a close personal friend. A former Student Pastor from 1st Baptist and new friend Brandon Sandifer gave a heart felt message that I think really connected. We hade just over a hundred in attendance including students and adults and those of us who work with the teens in this area of SC where quite glad to see the walls of “my church” and “my students” come crumbling down.

I love community.


~ by Dan Browne on September 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Finding a Balance”

  1. Well…to carry on our conversation from earlier, I think there needs to be a chance in every service to share the gospel…what is better to disciple teens than the Gospel? Every teaching should always be centered on what Christ did for us and the salvation we can find through him. To get students to grasp this fact is the greates discipleship tool they can have. Many churches get bogged down in studies, programs, sunday schools, etc. as their “discipleship” but what is discipleship anyways? Jesus’ disciples went out preaching the “Gospel”, the “Good News” about Christ! If students are’nt telling about the good news than they are not being discipled.
    My thoughts for you are to teach the students how to be an effective witness at schools and their homes. when they understand the Gospel, they can begin to study more into the other parts of the scripture. without a firm grasp on Jesus’ life and work…the rest of our theology is trash!

  2. Not sure if I’m saying exactly what is said before, but I think I’m following in some ways.

    For me it is to keep throwing the Bible at the hard and thick. I have a cell group in which we have attendees from many different backgrounds. There are people who are journeying out of addiction, and this may be the first real time they have been exposed to Jesus and the Bible, and then people who’ve been to seminary for years, and everything in between. It’s an interesting group to cater for, but the thing that we’ve found is that if we just keep going back to the Word, everything we need is there.

    If we really believe that the Bible is God’s Word, then we will find His redemptive story everywhere (and you do!). There are also many, many other issues that are looked at and highlighted. I’ve found that as we have worked to make at least part relevant to each type of people, then we all move forward. And after journeying with this group for over a year, it’s fun to watch as our ‘newer’ Christians really start to get what’s going on there, that their insight and contribution becomes amazing, and even fun to see how sometimes the simplest message can hit the ‘veterans’.

    I could go on forever, but I get so encouraged how timeless God’s Word is, and that it fits into all situations. To learn how to read it, study it, learn the truth, apply it and live it is relevant no matter where you are on your journey.

    On perhaps a more specific note, it’s true that sometimes depth that would be good for others would be distracting and confusing for some. While the path of the middle ground often has to be tread in mass settings, the use of small groups can allow the diversity as well. You could assign students to groups, or to get rid of the discrimination you could give explanations of the groups and allow people to pick themselves.

    So long thoughts, but I don’t actually get to see you, so you get it here 😛

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