The week in Review

I have to say as I write this that my health is on the comeback. I spent last week in Panama City, Fl. at a conference hosted by Lifeway called Focus and during that time I became rather sick.

Here is my very brief recap. The conference was pretty good, it was on Lifeway’s push for new direction. This direction is to develop students rather then student ministries. I tend to agree with the general idea. I think we focus more on entertaining at times then we do on students as disciples. It really can be quite a give and take. I think their general idea parallel’s a lot of the drive behind Student Life, which is not a bad thing. Both are great resources. I’m actually going to share the three main ideas to my youth at Refuge over the next three weeks. Those areas are Know, Own, & Known.

This past week I was able to spend time with Bill over at Modern-Day Thomas and we enjoyed some great food and fellowship. This also happens to be the first time I have caught more fish then him (2-1) not big numbers. We also meet some guys at the conference we hope to stay in touch with two of which are Justin Heap & Nathan Spencer. Both are in the same age bracket as us which is cool. I love meeting people who are not afraid to be themselves. We talked about authenticity and I think both these guys try to live it. I even made the dumb remark to Nathan that I though he played keys. He looked like a guy I meet in South Florida a few years back (he really looked familiar) apparently I was wrong… which happens a lot, but it made for an interesting ice breaker.

Wed. night was awesome for me. It was the night I was ordained. There is nothing like having close friends and family around you to lift you up and to worship alongside of you. It was not a big ceremony, but an intimate time of worship. No flashy clothes, or long drawn out service. Just simplicity. God moved in my heart.

Sunday I was feeling very sick after getting home and almost missed out on a revival a local church was having in our area. We had planned to take our youth and did. It was amazing. We had at least 72 youth from the local churches packed in the pews and a youth lead worship band from Augusta, Ga to rock things out. No one gave their life to Christ that I am aware of however God moved in breaking down walls between churches. It was amazing to see us all united under one roof as one body. I am very much about community, especially among the church, and feel we should work together for the common cause. Sunday night was proof that it can happen. I hope the 5th Quarter this Friday night will be just the same.

~ by Dan Browne on September 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “The week in Review”

  1. Sounds like neat stuff going on!

  2. I think it is. i love meeting new people and connecting with them.

  3. UPDATE: One of our teenagers gave her life to Christ at the revival Sunday night and she came forward to make it public last night!!! Praise the Lord!

    And definitely looking forward to the 5th Qtr. Looks like we’ve got a little momentum going here.

  4. Wootten that is completely awesome!

  5. congrats on the ordination & thanks for the shoutout. word.

  6. God’s really working through you, Muzik! Thanks for answering His call on your life. It’s an honor to work with you. David

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