Back-2-School Luau

What do you get when you combined a flame roasted pig, teriyaki wings, a couple inflatable palm trees, Tiki Torches, and 50+ teenagers?

An awesome luau of a time!!!

What an awesome night. We had over 50+ teenagers from our area churches and schools show up for our Back-2-school Luau. It was just amazing. All the students seemed to enjoy the event and it was an opportunity for me to meet students outside of our youth ministry and just be able to hang out with them. God really blessed the time. No one was injured, nothing caught on fire, and the parents and other volunteers really took to clean up and tear down which gave me even more of an opportunity to meet with parents and students as they where picked up. My prayer is that we touched lives and that some of those students might come visit us tonight at Refuge.

A special thanks to all those who helped out, you made my life easier and it really allowed for flow in our first big event of the school year. I also want to thank the officers of the county sheriff office and the Williston police for coming out and giving us the support we need. You guys are great!


~ by Dan Browne on August 26, 2007.

6 Responses to “Back-2-School Luau”

  1. i’ll give you another steak if if you know the name of that flower without looking it up

  2. You did a great job leading this project, Muzik! Well done, young man.

  3. It’s a type of Plumeria, Alba I believe. I think Chris’s wife was actually named after it. You owe me at least a 20oz. Porterhouse cooked medium over an open flame. I can think of the perfect place to get one in Panama City in a few weeks. You also owe me 3 others steaks for past birthdays.

  4. aren’t you a vegan? why should i buy you a tempting steak? mice don’t eat meat

  5. Wow, this sounds like fun! I wonder if any of our teenagers were there?

  6. 10 commandments The New Movie with Christian Slater as the voice of Moses.

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