I love to read.

I love to think.

I quite enjoy blogging.

My blog has been rather lacking of edible content as of late. I have noticed a trend in my blogging since the move to South Carolina in which I have digressed into posting nothing. Granted there might be a few good words here and there but overall I think it has come up short.

I’m hoping to get my head out of my Clive Cussler novels and wrap it around some nonfiction titles, writings, & essays. I have not been spending near the amount of time on Relevant nor in their magazine. In fact, I have not read any part of the last two I have received in the mail, they lay untouched in my office.

I do have a bit on my nonfiction reading list (in no particular order)::

:: Contemplative Youth Ministry
:: Organic God
:: Through Painted Deserts
:: To Own a Dragon
:: Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry

***After reviewing the list I see it is in fact in alphabetical order***

Maybe, just maybe these titles will inspire my ever active and creative mind to write a few more intellectual posts… or not.


~ by Dan Browne on August 23, 2007.

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