Another Friday Gone

Another Friday is toast.

There is so much coming up this week my head just keeps spinning. The kick off to the school year for the Refuge Student Ministry @ 1st Baptist here in Williston is the Back-2-School Luau. I can tell you I am excited and nervous all rolled into one. I need to get a few more parent/adult volunteers in place and I will feel a bit better. This is my first big youth event so I feel crazy. Everything seems to be coming together though.

I didn’t post a pic for Photography Friday. I’m a bum. I bet though that I could did a good one out. *Ponders the idea*

I’m ready to get this school year rollin’ in regards to Refuge.

I need to come up with some time of worship for our student ministry… I’m going to work on my guitar/vocal skills to help that along. Until such time I’m thinking of using CD’s or DVD’s & words on a screen. I struggle with this though… I don’t necessarily feel it’s authentic worship, I guess it’s because it’s canned music which lacks the whole “spirit lead worship” idea. My ultimate goal is a student lead worship band so if any of you students have a hidden musical talent with the guitar and voice let me know. We could use a drummer too. I can cover the bass for now. We just need to engage God on a broader spectrum. Shoot if there is any students who read this and want to come and lead I would love to meet with you. iF anyone has an idea of CD’s etc.. we could use in the interim then let me know.


~ by Dan Browne on August 18, 2007.

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