The Tiger Principle

“Whatever you do in life, do it with excellence.” I read those words the other day on David Richardson’s blog and thought that it was quite profound. He called it the “Tiger Principle” in reference to his favorite college football team. Really it was in reference to Tiger Woods who seems to be getting back in the game. I digress.

We should give our all to the edification & glorification of God. I don’t think He asks for the half way. This is stepping out on a limb here but what if God doesn’t just want our best?

What if he demands it.

We serve a God who desires authentic worship, authentic community. A God who is jealous. A God who sees when we put other things before HIm, sees when our hearts and minds, our very souls are drawn away from Him.

That’s a mindful to grasp. As a musician I can tell you the most effective “musical” worship happens when we engage God, when we meet him with 100% preparedness, 100% of our heart, and 100% humility no matter the style of worship. After all God didn’t want Cain’s offering; it was second best. So I don’t think God wants our offering when we have not brought our best to the table. I’m picking on musicians but it carries over to ALL aspects of worship that happens beyond the music.

Can you imagine God demanding something from His creation? From humanity? From you?

Give God your best offering, the first of your harvest. Take to the table the talents and gifts he has given you prepared in the way you know possible.

Apply the “Tiger Principle” to every aspect of your life no matter how small it is. One grain of sand seems like nothing until you toss it onto the beach of your life.


~ by Dan Browne on August 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Tiger Principle”

  1. Doggone, whoever this “David Richardson” guy is, I’ll bet he’s a genius.

  2. Great stuff! I personally find it a battle at times to remember these great points. As a member of a worship team, I know we are sometimes so wrap up in the order of things, and get so hurried that we forget to bring our best. We must remember that ultimately the worship is for His glory and not just for a good “performance.” Enjoying your blogs,
    Jodi B.

  3. Hey Mr. Dan!! This is Amanda B. I just wanted to stop by and say hey! Well i want to give u my email address! Its!! No capital letters! Well i will see you @ church to night!!
    Amanda B.

  4. Thank you Jodi for your words. It is very true we need to bring our best and I think that is how we “separate the men from the boys” so to speak. It is in more aspects then musical worship though, it’s every aspect of life. Every breath we breathe is or should be worship to God because he gives it to us.

    Amanda, it’s good to know that youth read my blog. Thanks for the email. I look forward to seeing ya all tonight as well.

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