Searching for God Knows What

I just finished this book and what a profound impact it has made. It will not appear on your typical top ten list of must reads from Lifeway but when we branch out and read those books which our generation are writing to us and other generations we can gain a better knowledge of who we are both in Christ and in our nature of humanity. Sure there are points you and I would disagree with, as there are with any author. I however feel this was an excellent read. A challenge to my faith and understanding of Christianity. I leave you with this.

“Christ’s death, again, was not a technicality by which we are covered with grace, but rather a passionate and inconceivable act of kindness and altruism and love stemming from God’s desire to be reunited with His creation.”

:: Don Miller
:: Searching for God Knows What


~ by Dan Browne on August 1, 2007.

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