Great Parenting for Youth

It makes my day (in a good way) when your sitting over Wednesday Night Supper talking with parents of the youth and find that they do read your blog, they do check in on the content that there teens are viewing on the net, the movies they watch, what friends they hang with, etc…

More then that it shows parents concerns for their teen(s) as well as a desire to be active in their lives. I think this is huge in regards to youth ministry and raising up young responsible adults. If more parents took responsibility for their offspring instead of shifting it to schools and churches I think we would find a more profound impact on the part of parenting. It’s just parents being a part of their teens lives.

Granted… I think it takes community to raise up well rounded teens and this DOES include your schools and churches, but parents it really is all about you; or should be.

If teens don’t get the majority of their influence from you then they will seek it other places, places you and I may not want them to.

I’m thankful that I work with parents who stay involved.

~ by Dan Browne on July 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Great Parenting for Youth”

  1. As a parent of 4, I could not agree more. The simple truth is this: While I long for my kids to be in a fantastic youth group (and at FBC Williston, they will be!), it’s ultimately MY job to raise my kids. At the end of the day, I am responsible for how things are going with my daughters and my son. You’re a smart guy to see that.

  2. Good point. And good parenting by David Richardson…

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