Change of Venue (Take 2)

So yeah… Williston, SC will be our new home next weekend! My wife and are so very excited. God has really blessed us and given us a great opportunity. We have been packing the house… kinda and really worked on packing it today (which happens to be my Birthday). We took a short trip over to The Red Bar in Grayton Beach, FL. for some excellent food, eccentric atmosphere, and the best live jazz in the panhandle! What a birthday treat!

We are looking forward to getting settled in our home and spend some time getting to know the area. My first “official” day will be the 9th of July but “unofficially” I have already been getting ideas together, working on web pages, helping the pastor to get bloggin’. etc… God is just amazing in this opportunity. Hey if you have not done so check his blog.

Pray my wife and I don’t kill each other over the next week as we both will be stressed etc… Pray that we would have safe travels & that I would learn to label boxes the way my wife wants them done!

~ by Dan Browne on June 23, 2007.

One Response to “Change of Venue (Take 2)”

  1. I had the Shrimp & Crawfish, my wife the Panne Chicken. I really thought about the Fish which happened to be sword fish tonight but passed. Oh! Don’t forget the house salad with tomato vinaigrette dressing and topping it off with a nice cold Mountain Dew!

    ***Chuck thanks for wailing some Giant Steps for me; made my B-day even better… I’ll miss ya dude.***

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