God did not design us to be alone.

He created us to function best in community. To be among friends, to be among family. Yes there are times when solitude is required of us. Times when our iPods are off and we try to search out the most remote place we can dwell to free our minds of the hectic struggles each of us face.



I was starting 2 Timothy tonight… again… for the second, possibly the third time and God really brought out this idea of friendship for me. Paul is writing to Timothy his close friend and he tells him within the first few verses just how much their friendship means to him.


Paul prays for Timothy day in and day out. His mind dwells on his friend. They spent considerable time together walking here and there, talking about Jesus, God, and life. They are intimate; not in some 21st century perverted way but in a Biblical God created community kind of way. A way in which they can embrace each other as Christ embraces the church, us, and all of man kind. Paul prays for his friend and I am sure Timothy does like wise.


Real men cry. Real men love Jesus. I see it all the time on bumper stickers and window decals. Do we really understand what that says? Do we follow it? I always want to ask the driver when was the last time he shed a tear etc… I think many of us see being a man as having a macho “Dirk Pitt” type personality. We strive to be a man’s man, unfazed by the sadness in the world.

What if we strived to be more embracive; more like Paul and Timothy. They long to commune with each other, Timothy cried when they parted and Paul was deeply moved, he had compassion. They both desired not to part but God was calling them to do so.


God brings it full circle. To be in fellowship, in community, brings joy. I’m reminded of the father who welcomes his son home after squandering all his inheritance. All the man desires is to be in community, friendship with his son. yes the son was shamed and thought the father would reject him but they both desired friendship. The son knew within the depths of his heart his father would take him back, he knew he would embrace him the way Paul did Timothy, like a father and son.

God desires us to have friendships and he changes those as we grow in our walk. Some are from childhood and others that God brings forth in His timing. We have mentors like Paul was to Timothy to guide us, to direct our paths. God desire that we pray for our friends, that when we part we would be reminded in the tears that great times we have brought to each others lives. God also reminds us of the joy that will take place when we are reunited. God did not design us to be alone.


~ by Dan Browne on May 7, 2007.

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