Go Gators!!!

Florida chomped down on UCLA 76-66 a few moments ago to bring the Gators to the NCAA finals against non-other then Ohio State. It’s a match up Gator fans have been dying for. I look forward to Monday night when Florida is given the chance to sink their teeth into some Buckeye meat and bring home the win. (If you remember Florida stomped all over Ohio State in football not a short while ago).


~ by Dan Browne on March 31, 2007.

3 Responses to “Go Gators!!!”

  1. Florida stomped all over Ohio State in basketball back in December as well, for those with short memories.

    It has potential to be an interesting game, but I wouldn’t put any of my hard-earned money on OSU.

  2. Well… now we are National Champs 2 years running in B-Ball and a year in football. guess you can’t go wrong being a Gator fan!!! I would hate to be an Ohio State fan, knowing they got a butt kickin’ in football as well as basketball.

  3. Though second in the entire nation (in two sports) should be something to be proud of, it isn’t a win.

    I don’t care for Florida whatsoever, but my hat’s off to their football and basketball teams.

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