It’s 1:30 AM what are you doing?

I happen to be awake. I am waiting on my wife to get out of bed and ground me from my computer. We went to a wedding last weekend at her fathers church in Crestview which went well. They did get married no matter how many times I told the groom I could drive him to Miami to get away. This weekend we are driving to Nashville for another wedding… funny thing is that Beck’s dad is doing this one as well. I’m looking forward to it, it’s her best friend.

An eventful thing happened this weekend as well, I went fishing with a friend and we didn’t get a bite. Those of you who know me are saying in your heads right now that it’s typical… I am inclined to believe that you are correct. On the contrary my phone took a swim for about an hour in the salty water under Hathaway Bridge. It took some brains and a rake I just happened to have in my care to get the phone back to the surface. I wish I had brought a net but well… I never catch anything so why put it in the car?

There is also nothing like Taco Bell at 11PM when you had a good laugh over your cell phone and the drunks grillin’ out laughing at you trying to get it out without jumping in.

The new phone arrived today so umm… if you have my number give me a call so i can enter you back in my phone. The other one will not work ever so I can not import my phone book.

~ by Dan Browne on March 21, 2007.

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