Does God Love Us?

Does God love us for who we are or for who he desires us to be?

This is a question I find myself asking a lot lately. I was not raised in the church, nor did I come to a realization of what Christ did for me until I was about 17 years of age. At this point I attended a Southern Baptist church and learned a lot through our youth pastor and other staff (some good and some well…). I remember statements such as “God can not have sin in his presence” and “God puts on his Jesus glasses when he looks at you.” I find it interesting that some one would teach this and also that God is” omnipresent.” If God is omnipresent, then he is present when we sin. This contradicts the above mention of God’s presence around sin as well as saying that where two or more are present that God is as well. I can recall many times when two or more of us have been present and where knowingly sinning.

God knows the hearts of mankind. He knows our thoughts, our desires. He knows the paths we have chosen and will choose. He knows us more intimately then we can comprehend, more intimately then we know ourselves. I think the answer to the question is that God loves us for who we are as much as who he desires us to be.


~ by Dan Browne on March 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Does God Love Us?”

  1. Good conclusion. God loves us. Period.

  2. This is an important question. Thanks for the blog. Continue on.f

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