Street Corner

Just a few minutes ago I was riding home on my lunch break and I saw two guys holding Bibles and screaming at the top of their lungs on the street corners of Harrison and 4th St downtown.

It killed me.

To each their own but I really have to agree with Rob Bell when he talks about this and the fact that you’re destroying the witness for the rest of us.

Love God & Love People. By loving people your showing your love, your respect, and your worship of God.

When your standing out on the street corner your yelling to the wind. No one is listening. No one hears. No one cares what you have to say; they think you’re a quack. As a Christian I turn away, I’m disgraced that you can’t find a better way to share the love and faith found only in Christ then to stand on a street corner in your nice leather jackets, nice warm clothes, with your beautiful leather bound Bibles and scream at people passing by in cars while there are those who could use your jacket or your Bible on the park bench around the corner. Go buy them lunch and share the Gospel over a hot meal.

Ask yourself if you’re really portraying the love of Christ, His forgiveness.

Yes Hell, Fire, and Brimstone are real but to understand that you must first understand a loving and merciful God.

Does the Bible you hold in your hand give you authority or is it authority? Does God even need us or will the rocks cry out?


~ by Dan Browne on January 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “Street Corner”

  1. Right on, I totally agree.

  2. Love wins.

  3. We say love wins but does it really? What do we do to counter moves like this that I feel drive people away from Christ?

    I want to see the statistics that show this as an effective way to reach people for Christ. Show me the effectiveness.

    I still feel that if something is ineffective then stop it and find a better, more effective way to use the time and money God gives you as a church and as an individual.

    Granted, I am no better then I feel about the guys on the street corner in my effectiveness for the Kingdom of God.

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