Ya know… it’s funny how you view things. Thoughts of what your supposed to do change daily when your as lost as I am. I think I have some direction but wonder if I really do. Only time will tell and a phone call.

I hate thieves. I really do. To those of you out there who stole every bit of car audio minus the CD Player in my dash… thank you. You got some really sucky 10 year old crap. I hope it was worth the felony charges that may some day find you. The crap was only worth $10 maybe $30 bones. It cost me $500 years ago. Can you believe car audio depreciates that fast? Why the heck would you pull out my power cable to the battery? Thats something I’ll never know.

On a positive note… thanks for the new up to date gear I will have via UPS tomorrow. I think I got the much better end of the deal since it cost me nothing. State Farm is a great insurance company, they really take care of their customers especially when your honest and don’t try to sell them on having some tricked out audio.

PS: Please try some kinda of identity theft since you stole the crap out of my center counsel, I’m watching everything like a hawk and would love to see you in court for those felony charges.


~ by Dan Browne on January 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thieves”

  1. I thought this was going to be about me! And maybe thought I shouldn’t use my regular user name on this post.

  2. I would never think that you would steal my stuff… thats a long drive… I hope we would catch lunch when you where here.

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