Raise the Titanic!

So I just finished up Raise the Titanic! tonight by one of my favorite authors, Clive Cussler. I wish someone would have turned me on to his books a few years back, nonetheless I am enjoying them now. I’m sure if your a Cussler fan and your name is not Tim then you have read this one. I felt the awe that Cussler wants the reader to feel and it was amazing. They made Sahara into a film and this one would make a great followup, what a concept though, to raise the Titanic from her watery grave. If your looking for a fiction writer to get into and have never read Cussler then give it a shot. If you really get into Cussler you can join the fansite at Cusslermen and if you really want to get me something good I would love for you to donate to NUMA via there website store front. I would especially like two (one for me and one for Tim) of the Orange Face DOXA watches at the bottom of the page.


~ by Dan Browne on January 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Raise the Titanic!”

  1. My Dad was just telling me about Cussler the other day. I am excited to check out his books.

    I am reading Grisham’s new book right now, which is non-fiction, but still good. After that, I’ll be reading Vince Flynn’s latest.

    I’ll be checking out Cussler at the library this week.

  2. Cussler is awesome. I started near the end and read a couple of books. I since have gone back to the start and am enjoying that much more because you see how Dirk Pitt has evolved as a character. Flynn is awesome. You will like the last one. Mitch is by far one of my favorite characters. If you like Flynn, then you will like Brad Thor, his character Scott Harvath, is a lot like Mitch. Read him from the start as well. His last book had some input from Flynn. *

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