Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and trust also in me.
:: John 14:1 (NLT)

Over the last few months I have struggled to keep myself in line with God, that is to say seeking His will, or even just talking to Him. I’m still searching, still thinking, and pretty much still just wondering why crap happens like it does. I did however come across this verse in an email from a friend and it reminded me how bitter my heart has become.

My focus, my sight has strayed. I have allowed my heart to become troubled, to become broken. God is trying to mend the pieces but I continually rip them from His hands. I don’t want to give up my hurt, my pain: If I do I will posses nothing. I will not be able to claim what I feel is rightfully mine and that is to grope in the darkness and despair of my misery. I want to rip the clothes from my flesh and wear sackcloth like they did in the Old Testament.

Jesus gave us a great reminder in the second have of that verse and that is where I have betrayed myself. I can’t say that I posses nothing, even when I was broke and homeless I possessed something. The relationship I have with God need be my only treasure. Jesus, who will never let us down, never fail, reminds us that me must first trust in God, His father… our father. We must also trust in Him, that is Christ Himself. Through God, Jesus, and the redeeming power of the Holy Sprit we can seek and find forgiveness, find truth.

We can also see that even when we feel as I do and as we all do from time to time, God desires that our hearts not be troubled. He desires that we seek him even when we wonder why and want to curse him,want to spit in his face, taking our place at the foot of the cross. He also desires that we trust in him. That even when things don’t go as planned we rely on him, on Christ, and nothing else.

If we can’t trust God who then do we trust?


~ by Dan Browne on December 30, 2006.

2 Responses to “Sackcloth”

  1. Wow, very well written and so very true.

  2. Great words brother. Keep seeking and loving God.

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