Where do you think?

My wife asked me this morning why I take long showers. It’s a very good question and has a very simple answer. The shower is the one place that I can “get away” and think. I view it as a place of solitude, of warmth. The sound of running water drowns out everything else allowing me to relax and think about God, life, and whatever.

Where do you think?


~ by Dan Browne on November 29, 2006.

3 Responses to “Where do you think?”

  1. I fully and completely agree.

  2. So Brian is a shower guy…

  3. Nah. This Brian isn’t a long shower guy. I can’t think in the shower,unless I’m thinking about a 2 year old playing “peek-a-boo.” Besides, it dries out my skin…

    I think on the road. Running is my meditation time. Or on the trail, hiking. That works, too.

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