Love is a Verb

So I am reminded of a concert I went to a few weeks ago, it was phenomenal. The band is by far one of the best I have ever heard, but that’s for another post. The band, by the way, was “The President’s Own” Unites States Marine Band. What took my breath away, more then the music was my trip to the bathroom. For starters the line to the men’s room went far around the corner and the one for the ladies had one person in it. Our line moved very fast which was a real relief.

What caught my eye took place in the bathroom. First I saw an employee of the venue, in a tux, assist a man in a wheel chair, not just open the door to the head, but physically help the man to sit and then back to his wheel chair. He took the time to help with his clothes, help him wash his hands. Secondly I saw a very elderly man turn from the urinal and struggle to walk to the sink to wash his hands, his pants around his ankles. It seemed he could not physically bend over, due to his age, to pick them up and had dropped them by accident. Two men who walked in just after I did went to him, no words, and pulled his pants up.


Not in the negative sense of the word, but humility just the same. Here in a men’s room I saw three individuals who were willing to step outside their comfort zones and make a sacrifice for another. I don’t think it matters that all these men likely stood on a battlefield at one time or another, or that they understand what each other was dealing with. I think these men understand humility, they live and breath it daily; they understand what it means to love one another. They are what I would call a man’s man. They understand sacrifice.

Imagine that those of us who claim to follow the one true God had a honest wiliness to serve others, to pull up the pants of some elderly man we do not know, or wash the feet of another. Can you imagine us living a life of humility? Living a life where we can walk into a restroom and do what these men did.

Can you imagine loving others as you love yourself?


~ by Dan Browne on November 27, 2006.

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