The Jonah Moments

It’s amazing how God works. He has prepared me for this moment. The moment in which I jump into a life more devoted to him. A life or calling if you will to minister to others on a full time bases. Sure, I will struggle, I will fail & make mistakes, and we all do. To regurgitate what others have said, “the Christian life isn’t easy.” Anyone who sells the theology that it is should quit raping the hearts of those truly seeking God. There are no guarantees of being rich, or getting whatever it is you ask for. If that were so we would have no need for God. Jesus would not have paid the price he did and we would all be in some utopia world that has not existed since the fall of man, a world in which we all sing “It’s A Small World” while riding around in a little pastel boat.

Lets dig deeper. Like Jonah we all have these kinds of moments. Moments in which the focus moves beyond ourselves, it becomes God’s. Moments that fill us with joy in the pit of adversity. Jonah spent three days, long ones I’m sure, in that pit smelling very fishy. What got him out of the predicament is that his focus changed from self to God. His reliance on his own path faded with the water line. God prepared Jonah for that moment. He prepared him to be broken. Yet in his brokenness we find devotion, we find a new awe of God in his heart. Jonah realized that his role was greater than himself that he was supposed to “go”, a verb many of us conveniently forget or try to manipulate into our own agendas. Jonah’s run from God landed him where he should have been in the first place. In the end he came full circle.

My life has come, or is coming full circle. I have spent more then five years running from God, running from a call I felt him place on my heart. We all have these Jonah moments in which the focus of ourselves falls away and we turn or energies back to the focus of God. It’s in these moments that we feel the divine purpose God has laid out before us. To me it all feels so intimidating and that’s the point being made. If I was not intimidated I would think I could do it on my own, instead I must rely on God. He prepares these moments to challenge our faith, to challenge our beliefs. To make us rethink every last detail of our lives. Dig deeper.

~ by Dan Browne on September 17, 2006.

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