Stupid Cat

So tonight I was walking my Dog Sadie… and we where just standing there. Out of nowhere comes this stupid stray cat (really it came from under a truck in the dark) crawled next to a bush and attacked my dog!!! The stupid stray was like lightening; my dog (about the size of a beagle) had no clue cuz the cat struck from behind. Mind you she was on a leash and I never heard her howl like that before. She struck back but was scared. If I had not had her on the leash she would have killed the cat. I went to get the BB gun and shoot it but my wife told me no. (I’d use something bigger but that would be overkill and I think the people next door might get a bit upset. Stupid cat.

Nothing much is new here in PC… We went to the In-laws this weekend and that went well. I need to update my photo site so maybe if I get time this weekend I can do it, and then ya all can seem some of the latest armature crap I have taken. Here is one of a vintage amp my brother had when I saw him. I really want to take one of a certain cat…

It’s almost midnight and I told my wife that I would be in bed before tomorrow so I’m out.


~ by Dan Browne on August 15, 2006.

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