An Invitation

Who do you think Christ is or isn’t?


~ by Dan Browne on July 22, 2006.

3 Responses to “An Invitation”

  1. He is my reason for living.

    He died for me, therefore I must live for Him.

  2. it kills me that i had only one responce to this. it’s open ended… no one is going to bash your thoughts i just wonder what others think.

  3. I tried to respond, but for some reason, the “word verification” wasn’t working!!

    Jesus Christ isn’t simply a symbolic figure or a force, but an actual historical figure.

    He’s not simply a “good teacher” but the Son of God who willingly came to earth to serve us, even by dying a gruesome death on a cross.

    He saved me from living a life in the chains of my sins, and frees me for a relationship with God.

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