So tonight I took an hour stroll around Wally-world (some of you will get that & hug the big moose) and wondered if people view God as a Super Wal-mart. I mean really, you can get anything there… well almost anything. I have been looking for one of those stupid receipt pegs with the sharp end to stick through them and I have yet to see one there in almost a year of checking the office supply section.

So yeah God-mart… We think that church & God are about us and they fulfill our every desire. We go in get what we need (really what we want) and head for the checkout and miss all the great bargains. I would list them here but I think you get the point. It’s like a one stop shop, but is it? Is it more? Is God more? Can the church be more? Can we get beyond ourselves and shop for others? Wait a minute… can we teach them to shop and for the right things? Can you find love at God-mart?

I recall a friend who went to a church in view of a call. No one knew he was there but the search team. To everyone else he was just a visitor. He was sitting near the front and watched as an elderly lady walked the isle to her seat, She pasted various people including two staff members. The lady (70-80) tripped and fell to the floor. You would think silence would have fallen over the room as people rushed to her aid but it pains me to tell you this is not the case. The youth pastor looked down at her and then went back to his conversation. Not a soul gave her a second thought except my minister friend who upon evaluating the scene and seeing the woman struggling to her feet rushed to her aid. This also is Wal-mart… God-mart.

What have we become?


~ by Dan Browne on July 21, 2006.

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