Home again

So our trip to Gatlinburg & Nashville, Tennessee was great. However, I have very few pictures to show from it. I took some outside our hotel room but that was pretty much it. If you have never been to Gatlinburg you should really go… just do it in the off-season. It was packed. I felt like I was trying to drive out to Panama City Beach during spring break. The views were amazing. I am always held in awe of creation. My in-laws went with us and let me drive the entire trip. I love US19 in the mountains; it winds back on itself so many times it would make a snake sick, I truly love being challenged behind the wheel. The funny thing though it that my mom, who lives in New Port Richey, Florida lives on US19, I should have called her and said I was on her street… In North Carolina!!! Thank you to those who called and wished Beck & I a happy anniversary. You where few and far between but we are deeply thankful. I’ll post more tomorrow, I am off to bed since I just got home from the trip and then helping out with a youth event tonight.


~ by Dan Browne on July 9, 2006.

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