3 hours, yes… 3 hours is all that separates me from being hot at work and on vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It’s currently 101 degrees outside making the inside of our store a whopping 78 degrees. I stand typing this post with sweat running down my back like a never-ending shower. The temperature is set at a cool 62. How I long to be on vacation, not that it would be any cooler but that I would have the AC running in my car and yes folks… no sweat. Mind you I would also be in shorts & flops, the desired wear of a young 20 something that wishes he were in Alaska right now.

I have decided that if the hotel we are staying at has AC… kidding. If it has internet access in the room that I will attempt a photoblog of our vacation over this next week. It should be interesting since we are traveling to the mountains of Tennessee. Maybe we will get lucky to spot Yogi. Wait that’s Jellystone and most people reading this blog will have no clue who Yogi is eh Booboo?

Love it when friends stop by. Ted (our small groups pastor @ Northstar) saw my car behind the store and decided to drop in while I was writing this. Man what a guy, a heart for God and a passion for small groups. Good times. Great Friends. I love seeing the “guys” at any time.

Well… I’ll post more on vacation… maybe.


~ by Dan Browne on July 3, 2006.

One Response to “Vacation”

  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos, oh and yes….I know who Yogi is! I’m a big fan! 🙂

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