A Step Closer

I realized tonight while watching a rerun of Seventh Heaven that I no longer enjoy music the way I once did (It was the episode with the music teacher who is loosing his job to budget cuts & teaches detention kids about Gershwin). While I love music (Gershwin included) it no longer drives me as it once did. My passions in life have changed/changing. As a music teacher I wanted to focus on high school where I felt I could make the greatest impact musically. I have spent hours daydreaming of how I would be the next Mr. Holland (conducting right handed of course) and inspire youth to love music as I do. More importantly though is that those youth be inspired to love God, that is to seek him, to engage him on every front imaginable.

If you have never done a PLACE profile you really should. It’s amazing what an hour or so and a well done assessment program can do. One of the staff at our church asked me a few months ago to do it; he felt it might reveal things to me that I might otherwise overlook. I pulled it out the other day to review and it really brought to light things that I think God has been revealing to me over the last few months. While some aspects of an assessment stand out more then others we have to remind ourselves that we are a blend of more then just one category, there is no cookie cutter person, God has made us unique. While it lists our strongest three areas there are other areas that are just as close. It’s a balance. The ones from my assessment that stand out in my mind are “Demonstrated Passions” which for me include influencing, leading, & teaching. “Felt Passions” included mentoring, music, & youth. “Spiritual Gifts” included hospitality, encouragement/exhortation, & helps, which was followed closely by discernment, wisdom, teaching, & evangelism (which we are all called to do). As I said before mankind is not a cookie cutter, over time I think we will find that those gifts may change, some becoming stronger and others weaker, as does our relationship with Christ, which is in constant refinement.

The struggle is finding discernment in my life, I can recall someone once telling me “it’s better to walk on water and fail then to never get out of the boat.” In my process of trimming away the fat and finding direction I know God has prepared a path that I continue to walk down. I am where he wants me and when he opens a door I hope that I do not hesitate to continue down the path.

~ by Dan Browne on June 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “A Step Closer”

  1. Thanks for the PLACE profile site. Interesting…

  2. Yeah is really good. Took me almost 2 hours.

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