So I had an interesting experience the other day. I am supposed to graduate from BCF (link to right) this December when I get a phone call about a class. I have the 9 hours required but one of the classes does not qualify, it’s not geometry. So it looked like I was going to have to take the class at BCF this semester and intern in the spring, which was not what I was planning on doing. They could let me graduate anyway but I would have trouble later. Don’t ya just love school? I had gone back and forth with the college about it trying to figure out what to do. I had two options the first was graduating in the spring as I said before, the second was that I did have the 9 hours required so it was a grey area and the could just let it pass. I was waiting for the final call & I got on my face and prayed to God. See I don’t think I am supposed to teach high school music anymore. What I am supposed to do I am not sure of. As I said in a previous post I feel I may be called to ministry and I have been seeking God’s direction with that. My prayer while waiting on the final phone call was that if I am called to ministry God would have it worked out and I would graduate in December, if I was supposed to teach music then I would graduate in the spring (the missing class is a state requirement to teach). Well no sooner then I lifted my head the phone rings and I was told that they looked at the class description from the other college when I took it and geometry was listed in the description so they called it even and said I would be able to graduate. Is this God trying to tell me something or just chance?


~ by Dan Browne on June 15, 2006.

2 Responses to “?Chance?”

  1. Hmmmm….very interesting!

  2. Man I wish I knew what everything means. God grant wisdom to some, while I feel God does grant me wisdom but it’s not my place to confirm a calling on my life for myself.

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