Letters from War II

“Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am still alive. I am still living for the Lord. I am still standing.
A couple days ago I got back from a mission outside of Falluja. During the mission we got hit by two more IED’s and took some more small arms fire. What an easy thing for the Lord to protect us from. Nothing came near us. For most of the couple days that we were out I was sitting on a piece of gear while everyone but the driver was walking around outside. I tell you the truth; it is a very boring job sitting around with no action. So, while I was sitting there I took out my verses to memorize and started going through them. The ones that talked about salvation and Gods love I would say, “Hay Marcus, check this out!” “What do you think this means?” Marcus is not saved. We talked for a while about these things. After going over verses I began to sing. Next thing I knew Marcus was singing too! I had to stop and ask him what he was doing. He said he knew some songs also. The only thing there was to do was keep singing. Imagine that, two guys in a truck in Iraq singing praise songs. Didn’t think that would ever happen? Neither did I.
As I said, I got back from the mission and began going to the prayer and praise group with the Ugandans again. It is still an awesome experience. We step into Gods presence every night. I have been praying a lot lately that the Lord would send out Harvesters into his harvest fields to harvest the crop for eternal life. I thought that perhaps I should begin praying that I would see someone saved every day.
Two days ago I was walking to the chow hall praying for the Marines I passed by and asking the Lord to see someone saved. I was going to meet another Christian brother of mine named Bill. As I walked up to the entrance I began talking to a Ugandan friend of mine, and heard a Marine talking about religion. Of course I can’t pass up an opportunity like that! I started talking to this guy and asking him what he believed. He hemmed and hawed, and finally said that he believed in God, but was being stubborn right now and wanted to concentrate on his marriage. I told him there was someone who could help him with that, and he said he knew, “God.” He said he just wasn’t ready yet. I told him that God was waiting. Now you may be asking why I even brought this up. Well, I’ll tell you. Moments before I had arrived, Bill had just finished telling this man about the Lord, right after another guy told this guy about the Lord. As Bill walked away he began praying that the Lord would send another Christian into this guy’s life. Minuets later, here I come. This guy doesn’t think God is talking to him! What more evidence do you need!
After I got my food from the mess line I find Bill and tell him the story. He just laughed and told me what he had just done and prayed. An immediate answer is always exciting. A few minuets later Bill noticed a Ugandan guy sitting alone eating. We pick up our stuff and go sit with this man. After talking for a while I ask him if he has ever gone to chapel (such an easy ice breaker, and they don’t even expect what is coming next). He said he hadn’t, and so it began. I look at Bill and see a big smile on his face because he knows what’s coming next. I wink, and Twenty min later this man was saved, or “In the Tribe of Jesus Christ” as we have begun to call it.
Later that night we walk over to the Ugandans camp and begin to worship with prayer and singing. Each night towards the end of the meeting we have everyone who is sick, hurt or has sick relatives get in the center of the group so that we can lay our hands on them and pray for them. (One of the Ugandans has the gift of healing) This night one of the men steps foreword and says that his friend, John, had his only daughter die earlier that day in Uganda. John was standing among us, so we prayed for him also. After the group had finished I pulled this man aside and said that I wanted to pray for him personally. This man was hurting and broken before God. I began by saying that I have no children, so I can’t even pretend to know what he was going through. Then I began to explain that God does. God felt the same pain when his only son was killed. Immediately a sort of bond was established between John and God. I then explained why Jesus had come, what he had done for John and why we needed Jesus in our lives. Near weeping, John said that he needed Jesus in his life. Praise the Lord! Just going over these events is giving me a huge smile! Anyway, the next night John stood up and gave his testimony of how he had seen us praying and singing, and so when he was hurting he came to us, and he told everyone how much Jesus had done for him, and was helping him.
Of course yesterday I prayed for the same thing. I want to see more souls saved and lives changed. I went to the Ugandans camp last night, but they had a formation or something, so everyone was late. I waited around for about 15 min until they started trickling back in. I welcomed the guys as they came back. In the middle of the crowd was a man named Gerald. He came up to me and said the he was, pardon me for this but I want to keep it straight, sick of all the bulls&*t in his life and needed to know about salvation. I asked him to come to the fellowship that night and he said he would be there. Earlier in the day I had asked another Ugandan named Danny(I could swear that he was avoiding me the previous times that I had tried to talk to him) to come to our fellowship. He also said that he would come. Both of these men were at some parts of the fellowship, but not all of it. At the end, after we had prayed for the sick and troubled in the group, I grabbed these two men with a vice like grip. I told them that I had to talk to them. Well, you can imagine what we talked about. The whole time Gerald’s face was downcast and sorrowful. Danny had many more questions and didn’t understand a whole lot. When it came to the last question of “Do you need a savior?” Gerlad perked up and said yes, most definitely. Danny was unsure. I decided to show him John 3:16-22 and then explained it verse by verse. After about ten more minuets of this, Danny said that he understood and needed a savior also. We prayed and two more were added to the “Tribe of Jesus Christ”! After that, I told these men that things would have to change in their lives. Sexual immorality would have to stop; smoking and drunkenness would have to go. They said they would. They both wanted to quite smoking that instant, so we had the man who had the gift of healing pray over them so that they would be healed. I went back to Gerald’s room with him and watched as he torn down the Idols in his life. I felt such joy as first the pornography was torn down, and then the cigars and cigarettes were thrown out. Danny asked me if I could talk to his mother for him about the change in his life. They both thanked me for sharing with them before I left.
Bill and I walked back to our trailers and we talked about the differences between Ugandans and Americans. We began to pray that Americans and not only Ugandans would be saved. We prayed for two guys that we work with, Marcus and another Marine named Tomine.
This morning as I step out of the shower, I see Marcus and decide that there is no better time than now. I asked him when he would stop resisting. He didn’t say anything, but looked at me. I asked him if he would come to the meeting that night, and he said that he didn’t go to Bible studies. I told him it was a prayer group and then he said, “Sure, I’ll go.” This is the first step for him being set free from sin and becoming a slave to righteousness. He will meet God tonight.

I have learned through these experiences to take God at his word. If he says the harvest is plentiful, then it is. If he says the fields are ripe for the harvest, then it is. When he says, if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer, you will. I am no longer surprised by men wanting to be saved, or asking questions about the word of God. Why should we be? If we ask God to work, why won’t he?

These are the things you can pray for me about:

That I would have a burden for the lost and would learn to love as Christ loved.
That I would not compromise my convictions.
That the Lord would work in Arik Morris and Marcus and save them.
That the Lord would bring back Chad Williamson and Jeffrey Barnnet.
That I would be able to witness to everyone I work with.
That the Lord would give me wisdom.
That the Lord would show me what he wants for me after I get out of the Marine Corps.
That the Lord would strengthen the men that just received salvation: Johnny, John, Charles, Danny, Tonei, and Gerald.
That the Lord would continue to work in Camp Falluja and revive the spirits of Americans so that they will receive Christ.
Pray for Dan, Auggrie, and Patrick. All men I have talked to and will soon be saved. Pray that the Lord works.

Most importantly, send me you prayers and requests. We want to intercede for you out here. We will pray for you, but we can only pray if we know what you need. Please, let us know.

Demolishing strongholds and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.”


~ by Dan Browne on May 23, 2006.

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