Letters from War I

I have quite a few military friends. In fact, the vast majority of my small group at church is active in the military. My father served & my grandfather too. It’s the highest honor for a man so serve his country. That said, I would like to share a few letters from war that where shared with me. I have chosen to post them in their entirety as it brings the fullest glory to God. I will post them over the course of a few days. Starting today.

“I know it’s been a little bit, but things have been happening. I have
been praying with another couple of Marines for the past few weeks.
It’s been great! God has really been working. Amazing! I found the
So I went out on an op a couple of days ago. We sat out there for about
a day, and then we were finally released to begin a patrol. Before the
patrol started I asked the guys if they wanted to pray. Everyone said,
“Sure, why not?” So I led the guys in prayer and then we took off.
About an hour into our patrol I remember thinking about looking for
IED’s. A few min after that, a fireball erupts next to our truck. The
sound wasn’t that loud, but all four doors were blown open and the
vehicle went airborne. The Lt. begins screaming, “IED! IED!” Over and
over again. We drove for about 200m and then stopped. Everyone was
yelling so I told them to calm down, and relax. I asked if everyone was
ok, and by the grace of God, everyone was. God was really watching out
for us. One guy had a small cut on his wrist and another had a ruptured
eardrum. I remember getting out of the truck and shouting in
triumph/challenge/praise. My next thought was, “Thank you Lord!” I
just began to laugh for the next few minuets as the other guys were
milling around. We loitered in the area for about an hour, and then
took off. Unfortunately our doors would not shut. Was I nervous? Not
even a little. I thought of Psalm 91 the whole ride back. When we did
get back I told the guys that we should pray again and thank the Lord.
Of course they were all about it!
Because of what happened and a few other minor things the last couple
days I’ve got to talk to many people about spiritual thing. Some even
want to come to Bible study.
I’m still in contact with the Ugandans. I go over to their area about
2x a week. I was over there yesterday talking to a gentlemen named
Patrick. After talking for a while we started talking about spiritual
things. He said that he was a protestant, but wasn’t born again. Enter
John 3:3. It talks about being born again. He said that he would think
about it, and would like a couple of days. I told him that both Jesus
and John said, “Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is near!” He doesn’t
know how much time he has left. Better to do it now and know for sure
where you are going. He said that he would get saved Sunday.
I sat down at lunch today with another Ugandan man named Danny who
prayed over his food. I know a little about this man, so I baited him
by asking why he prayed. He told me he believed in God and everything
but wasn’t born again. After saying a lot of the similar stuff that I
said to Patrick the day before he told me that he needs someone to
preach to him. I asked when would be a good time to talk and he said
tonight. I’m heading over there at 2130 to share with him the best news
Last night I had about 8 guys in my room(I have my own room). It’s like
a mini church. We sang for a while, one of the guys was sick so we
layed our hands on him and anointed him with water(didn’t have any oil)
and prayed for healing. I know God led me to do that, so I’m excited to
see how he turns out. The word is spreading about Bill and my prayer
group. We have been praying that the Lord would lead us to the ones who
are ready so that we aren’t wasting time on people who aren’t ready for
the good news.

That was yesterday. I wasn’t able to finish it up. So I went to talk
to the Ugandans last night after the prayer group got together. 4
Ugandans and 3 Americans. | looked for this guy Danny, but he wasn’t
their. Instead I went to talk to a friend of mine and ended up talking
to his roommate about Christ. His name is Auggry. He said that he
wanted time to think about it. As my friend Julias and I walked back
home we ran into another Ugandan named Tonie. We started talking to him
and I asked him if he was born again. He said no, but he would like to
be! After explaining things to him we prayed and he asked the Lord into
his life. Praise God!
I finally got to bed around 1230 only to be awakened at 330 with
pounding on my door. They said they needed me to work. For whatever
reason I always think that they are joking for the first 2 min. Then I
come to my senses….
So anyway we drove through falluja (my first trip). I couldn’t really
see much it being night and all. We got to where we were going and did
our thing. After we began driving back this morning they told us there
was an IED in the road, so we turned back and returned to the staging
area. After about an hour they let us go and head back to Camp Falluja.
We past the area where the IED was, and it had blown a hole about 15 ft
wide, 10 ft long, and 4 ft deep. That might have done a little damage
to the truck. Makes you wonder if it was there 2 hrs previous when we
had driven by that exact spot.
So again God is watching out for us. As always.”


Psalm 89:6mu


~ by Dan Browne on May 17, 2006.

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