Let’s get real.

I can’t recall the last time I opened God’s word longing for his wisdom (I can recall longing to do it). I can’t recall the last time I prayed asking God for direction, but I still seek it. Is that justification? No. I can however recall the last time I prayed it was when I laid in bed last night. Does that matter? If many areas of my life are out of sync with God can being right in one area (although weak) strengthen my relationship with our savior? I think not. God wants our whole hearts, are whole selves. Those of us who feel like a stagnant algae covered swamp bring nothing to the table. Our offerings are like those of Cain’s, they are rejected. Till we come to Christ in our brokenness we will learn nothing. We are tormented by our own words continuing the downward spiral of defeat while still trying to grasp what small part of Christianity we can still hold on to.

Make me the man you want me to be, the man I long to be. They are one and the same.

Break me Lord.
Burden my heart for you.
Teach me your ways.

~ by Dan Browne on May 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Let’s get real.”

  1. Thats a scary prayer…

  2. Scary, but real.

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