Jazz & Revival

During the fall last year a friend invited me to play a few songs on my sax for one of the revival services being held at his church. If you don’t understand revival then move to the south. I could go on about my views on it but we will save that for another post. Anyway, any opportunity to play jazz & blues in which you glorify God is an awesome one. This brings me to my point. After I played two or three songs the evangelist took the podium to speak. The first words out of his mouth where “It’s great to see that this young man is using his talents to bring glory to God. Just think, he could be playing jazz & blues on his saxophone in bars & clubs…” he went on a bit more but those words he said have reverberated in my mind.

Yes, I am all for glorifying God within the physical walls of the church but what I think this evangelist missed is that we should glorify God beyond those walls. How else do we share Christ? When he said those words I felt ashamed because I have played those places. I realize now that I should not have felt that way. God has called me to be a musician. I am a missionary (we all are in some way) who speaks through music like missionaries who go to where they are needed and use the ability’s God has given them to bring glory to Him. The same applies for musicians within the church. We should be out there playing these venues for the glory of God, playing with non-Christian musicians and when some guy comes up to you and says “hey man what drives you to play the way you do” you can respond with the love of Christ.


~ by Dan Browne on April 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “Jazz & Revival”

  1. Could not agree more with you. Keep playing for Jesus.

  2. Amen

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