If you’re a 24 fan then all I have to say is HOLY STINKIN COW BATMAN!!!!!
When I heard the voice on the phone I was like no way… I could not believe such a thing could happen. It was almost as good as a Vince Flynn novel. I was waiting for Jack Bauer to turn into “Ironman” that is to say Mitch Rapp, one bad dude for the good guys.


~ by Dan Browne on April 3, 2006.

8 Responses to “24”

  1. The president?! No!!!

  2. Dan, I was running through this site, late at night, on a friends blog and I have no idea how I realized this was you. Dan Brown. It’s wonderful to read you are doing well. I hope you have been healthy, and fortunate in life. (I loved the episode of 24)
    -Amy Folcarelli, a_l_f@walla.com

  3. Amy!!! Good to hear from you!!! My question is who’s site were you on that led you to mine??? What made you realize it was me??? Feel free to email. I love hearing from old friends, thats one of the many reasons I started this blog.

  4. Dan,
    A firefighter friend on myspace had a prayer for firefighters from blogger.com. I came on here to find another firefighter poem, Alyfirefighter or something. From Alaska. I did a general search and found a blog that said HOLY STINKIN COW BATMAN from someone with the name Muzik316. John, and I think Ted, have a friend on MySpace with the name Muzik316. I had to click on it and read…LOL…it was too funny. If you’d like, you can email me as well. -Amy

  5. I DIDN’T SEE IT!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!! But I heard it was the prez. I’m so shocked!

  6. Yeah. It was a awesome show Monday night. We moved ou small group to Tues. so I no longer have to watch it on tape delay

  7. Who would win…Chuck Norris VS Jack Bauer?

  8. Jack Bauer… however Chuck has God on his side in real life. =)

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