Trouble with X

So yeah did ya all know Dogs love Liver treats????? My wife and I are working on training Sadie. She is pretty easy going which is a plus.

I think my friend Chris just hopped on a plane to Columbia for 3 weeks. How great it must be to take vacation.

If there are any fans of Wierd Al

out there you can help him get a start on the walk of fame by following this link. The link was posted on Relevant’s site so I would hope that it’s legit.

What else… umm never get stuck in an R.V. for 17 days when you’re on the run from the law

. People tend to recognize you when your face is plastered all over the national news. After they tell you to stay put do so. It’s dumb when you take off in the other direction in the same R.V. It reminds me of a song off the W’s sophomore album “Trouble with X” called “Stupid” I’m sure none of you remember the W’s. That’s okay. It’s not in iTunes either.

I’m out.

***Eh welcome to whoever visited this site from Canada***


~ by Dan Browne on March 31, 2006.

3 Responses to “Trouble with X”

  1. Unfortunately the famed RVers have to be from our fair state, Oregon. Unbelievable story! It’s been all over the media here!

  2. muzik316 said…
    So I guess no one remembers the W’s… Yeah I visited Oregon once. Nice place. We were around Portland & Salem. Interesting trip it was. My Mom remarried on the trip there in Lovelock, Nevada. We then where stranded in Oregon for about a month I think. We lived in two tents on some fairgrounds in the area becuase we had nothing. It was around Sept.-Oct. of 88′.

  3. I remember the W’s. Not well, but that’s probably because I only had one song off a compilation.

    In college I read a German short story about a fugitive who was almost home free for (murder or robbery? I don’t remember), but then he was the millionth customer at the shipyard.

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