Just for Fun

Tonight was a great night. My wife & I got to hang out with some friends from our small group which was just awesome. We really had some good bonding time. Tomorrow is Church which will be great I am sure. We went to Destin and walked around. I got a jacket I won’t wear until next fall but hey… It was $20 marked down from $50. I actually ate crab legs tonight too at an all you can eat chinese place. To much work for what you get out of it. Wait. I also tried a califorina roll. Sushi!!!! No go there. The texture was something out of an old sci fi movie. Yuck. Taste was okay.

I love it when you get a phone call and it’s an old friend you have not talked to in almost 2 years. Thanx K. Great pics of your little boy too.

Anywho. I am off to bed to sleep next to the most beautiful women in the world. Night All.

I hate cats… but this is funny.

  • Stuff on my Cat
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    ~ by Dan Browne on March 19, 2006.

    One Response to “Just for Fun”

    1. “Stuff on my Cat”….what a crack up! I may have to submit some photos of my cat!

      Thanks for sharing!

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