Show me the Ropes

So I want to step things up a bit in my life. I know some of you think I need to tone it down but really I want to grow in the spiritual sense. See for some reason my spiritual life that is my relationship with God, has been on the rocks. I can’t blame it on God because of many theological truths & reasons that just tell me and everyone else that God is perfect, awesome, and so on. I can step back and check myself however. I said in a previous post that I have struggle from day one of being a Christian. So how do we get past that?

I have been praying about having a mentor in my life, that is to say someone older to “show me the ropes” if you will. I finally asked our Family Pastor at church to pray about mentoring me and he has agreed. This is fabulous. I feel he is strong in his faith & a good leader. He’s not afraid to tell me like it is when I need to hear it or to provide comfort when the time calls for it. His challenge to me this week is to pray about 3 things that I feel God wants to change in my life as well as asking my wife to do the same for me. Good o’ number one on that list is my spiritual life. Which affects every aspect of my relationship with God, my wife, my self, & others. It trickles down into everything else. Second would be being a better husband. Growing up I never saw how a family worked. It was never modeled for me. My Mom provided everything she could & my Dad had us on the weekends. There is a lot more detail I could add here but that’s for another post. I am still unsure about the third however God will reveal that to me when he feels it’s time.

As this new aspect of my life takes hold I would like to encourage those of you who read this to pray about someone to mentor you. I think it can be a great life experience and you learn a lot from each other. In fact… if your married I would encourage you and your spouse to do it, In which case I would find a couple to mentor you as a team as well as individually. I think we are called to learn & teach others. Paul modeled this throughout the New Testament with his relationship to those who traveled with him etc…

Please pray for me that I would seek God’s direction & guidance in my life. Specifically what God’s calling is. I want God’s will for my life, not my own.


~ by Dan Browne on March 18, 2006.

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