The Nutshell

So here is my day in a nutshell. Class was interesting. I took the 2 tests I have been studying for. Lord willing I passed them. I think I did better in Bio then Earh Science. I cleaned the house a bit & still need to wash the dog. Then I downloaded USB Overdrive for my nice high end G5 gaming mouse since they said they added better support. Now I can no longer change the dpi on the fly. This really sucks. so the 2000 dpi I had is out the window for the moment. As a gamer this can really be a kicker. As the agrivation sets in I can only hunker down and wait.

~ by Dan Browne on March 2, 2006.

3 Responses to “The Nutshell”

  1. I’m stoked you have a G5 and are a Mac Addict like I am!

  2. The G5 is a mouse put out by logitech. However… I also have a G5 tower sitting next to me & I have a first run G4 Powerbook… the old 400Mhz one. It’s on its way out but I still use it from time to time. Also can’t forget the iPod. All I have ever owned is Macs. So much better…

  3. Preach it brother!!

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