I sit here and wonder, which is not unlike what I do most days, but wonder what am I supposed to do with my life. I think we all reach this point and need to sit back and look at life from another prospective. One of my favorite authors Ted Dekker kind of talks about this in an essay he wrote called Observations on the Bubble while it does not directly relate, it still has the same imagery, that is to say that that I want to step back and play the role of observer in my own life. Where do I find direction? Motivation? Passion? What do others see that drives me? More importantly, how would God answer these questions about me? He is the ultimate observer. Some people have the view that God started the world spinning and has since let it be. I think that God is actively involved in our daily lives whether we choose to see it or not but that is for another post.

So what direction? What purpose? Do I bring glory to God through music? Am I called to some form of ministry that involves music? What about youth? If I can just put my life in God’s hands he will guide my footsteps. I always used to say, “Let go & let God” but man it’s hard when the shoe is on your own foot.

My prayer is for direction. Wisdom. Passion. Purpose.


~ by Dan Browne on March 2, 2006.

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